F1Contextual help
F2Allow to show the window of active field (if possible).
For DIN field, allow to search an equivalent DIn
F3Show the window for searching a customer or a Rx
F4Create a new customer
F5Show the customer summary
F6Show the olds renewals of Rx shown in screen
F7Create a new Rx
F8Renew a Rx
F9Print a label
F10Send the claim and print a receipt
F11Send the claim, print a label, print a receipt
F12Fast renewal : Renew, send the claim, print a label, print a receipt
Ctrl-F2Product information (with vigilance only)
Ctrl-F3Print the information sheet
Ctrl-F4Create a new customer with information of the active customer
Ctrl-F5Show the customer summary (Show active Rx only)
Ctrl-F7Erase the renewal or Rx shown on screen
Ctrl-F8Regenerate a Rx
Ctrl-F9Show a window for write and print on a label
Ctrl-F10Show a window for write and print on a receipt
Ctrl-F12Fast regeneration : Regenerate, send the claim, print a label, print a receipt
Ctrl-ACancel the claim sent to Ramq and/or insurances
Ctrl-CCopy the selected text in memory
Ctrl-DShow the Dosett window for printing
Ctrl-Shift-DShow the Dispill window for printing
Ctrl-EPrint a address label for the customer shown
Ctrl-FShow the windows for printing a retirement home form
Ctrl-HShow a hasty renewal window
Ctrl-IPrint the customer folder
Ctrl-MShow the « magistrale »
Ctrl-NShow the customer’s note
Ctrl-PShow the price calculator form
Ctrl-QClose the program
Ctrl-RShow the remark of Rx
Ctrl-SShow a sommary of Ramq for the selected period
Ctrl-TTransfert a Rx
Ctrl-VPaste a memorised text
Ctrl-XPut the selected text in memory and cut it from the active text
Ctrl-ZCancel the last modification or operation (Windows command)
Ctrl-PgDn Show the address panel
Ctrl-PgUp Show the information of the resident in retirement house
Shift-F2 In insurance field, show his property
Shift-F3 Show the list of same family member of customer
Shift-F5 Show the archived customer prescriptions
Shift-F9 Print many labels
Alt-AStart Vigilance analysis of the customer's folder
Alt-DCarry mouse cursor on expiry date
Alt-IPrint a verbal prescription of shown one
Alt-NCarry mouse cursor on name field
Alt-F4Close the program hardly